Buffer Boys has spent the last 12 years ensuring that we become a household name.
With our attention to detail and friendly service we are striving to raise the standard of cleaning throughout Malta & Gozo.

These are the services available from Buffer Boys:

Leather Care & Repairs

Our professional leather cleaning service utilises the latest processes and techniques to ensure that your leather is restored to its former glory. We provide services for home interiors, automobiles, marine and even aviation.
First we remove the general ground-in dirt, grease and grime that builds up over time. Because we see our furniture everyday we do not recognise the colour change, that is why our results are always so shocking. We then take extra care and attention to ensure that all the tougher marks and stains are removed.
Once this process is complete, the leather is then replenished with a special cream that once dried also works as the new protective barrier, giving long lasting results.

If you require leather repairs or some specialty advice, our partners Abela Upholsterer’s www.abelaupholsterer.com will be there to help. Since 1945 has been synonymous with professionalism and experience in all types of upholstery services and leather restoration.

Upholstery Cleaning / Sofa Cleaning & Restoration

For over 8 years we have been specialising in the cleaning and restoration of textiles, specifically carpets, sofas, mattresses and curtains. Upholstery becomes embedded with dead skin, dust, dirt, sand grit and bacteria.

We begin by using a very special machine called Kirby, this enables us to remove all of the physical dirt, trap it safely using a bag that is designed and tested to trap down to point one of a micron (human hair = 75 microns).

Along with physical dirt, there is also a build up of chemical pollution such as car fumes, grease, grime and stains which mush be washed out. To tackle these tough stains we use bio safe chemicals with very little water, compared to a lot of other companies. Because the physical dirt has been removed there is no need to soak the items, therefore everything dries much faster and results last much longer.

We are the only company in Malta that has the technology to perform this task effectively. Our thorough methods mean that you will be left with cleaner, brighter, healthier furniture.

Mattress Cleaning & Sanitisation

I do not wish to be a spoiler, but we lose a layer of skin every 28 days, we spend, on average, one third of our lives in bed. We produce body heat and moisture every night and so create the perfect breeding conditions for the house dust mite, the average double mattress contains over 10,000,000 of them!

Standard vacuum cleaners simply don’t have the method to remove these dust mites, dead skin they feed on. Even machines that vacuum some of the dirt are not able to filter the microscopic particles effectively, they then circulate dust & dust mites back into the air and around the room, creating an even more harmful environment.

Once we have safely removed the dead skin, dust mites and all the harmful physical dirt from inside the mattress, we then apply a product that sanitises the mattress against bacteria, lasting 6-8 months, this is why we suggest you have your mattress cleaned at least twice a year.

Our sanitisation process was featured on a BBC documentary, we will be happy come and complete a free demonstration and quote at any location.

We partner with a local ADLS laboratory that provides ISO certification to prove that the mattress is free from harmful molds, fungus and bacteria such as E. Coli
We take before and after swabs of the items cleaned, have them tested and provide documentation to you.

Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

We clean and restore all types of carpeting including Persians and Chinese. Carpets and textiles that are vacuumed daily and even professionally cleaned, are never really ‘clean’, let us explain why…

The real issue is domestic and commercial vacuum cleaners do not have the correct cleaning technology required to remove the dust, dirt, sand and grit which is always embedded inside carpets and textiles.

We then call in the professionals and pay them to wash on top of this dirt and now you have, you guessed it… mud.

The carpets may initially appear clean, however within a very short time that mud dries, breaks up, returns to the surface. Now the dirt is back making the carpets appear to have been dirtied all over again…

We removal all of this embedded sand and grit, then we use a high speed dry foam technique that allows us to remove the chemical dirt and stains with a minimal amount of water, so most carpets dry within the hour. Upon completion we apply a PH neutralizer in order to leave your carpets looking, feeling and smelling clean and fresh for much longer.

 A short onsite demonstration of this unique cleaning system will allow us to prove that the real issue is always there and quickly show you the difference with our method of cleaning compared to others. We only need 10 minutes of your time on any carpet, sofa, mattress or curtain of your choice.

Curtains & Blinds

The majority of the dirt on curtains is simply dust as they are not walked on or handled as much as other textiles. Thanks to revolutionary cleaning technology, we are now equipped to remove this condition without the use of any dangerous toxic chemicals, this service is completely unique to Buffer Boys.

Removing the dirt is only the first part of the job, trapping it in safely is just as important. The dead skin, dust mites and dust-mite droppings we remove are microscopic and require expert filtering. Our machines are equipped with a statically enhanced HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrest) filtration system that traps down to 0.1 of a micron (human hair = 75 microns).

We deliver one of the most cost effective and efficient ways of cleaning curtains without the need of having to take them down. Our on-site cleaning process is effective at removing the dust and light marks and leaves the curtains in a much healthier condition.

Commercial Cleaning

Not only experts in professional cleaning for the domestic market, Buffer Boys also provide solutions for commercial businesses, office buildings and much more. Call us for a free on site inspection and quotation.

Hotel Cleaning Services

With our dedication to delivering a world class level of cleanliness we have teamed up with the likes of The Westin Dragonara, San Antonio and Seabank Hotels. We restore and maintain carpeting, upholstery and mattresses. Contact us if you require more information!

Yacht Cleaning & Restoration

The pinnacle of class and style is the yachting industry. Buffer Boys delivers solutions that meet and exceed the standards and expectations of this highly demanding industry.